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Turtles are a very common animal to us that is classified as a reptile.
Its body is shielded by a special bony shell which is their instinctive

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There are two main groups of turtles:
1. Sea Turtle: This specific kind of turtles are generally big in size
and are found in all the Oceans in the world except for the Arctic
2. Fresh Water Turtle: This turtle is mainly called “Tortoises” and
live on the land. They are smaller than the Sea turtles.

All kinds of turtles have a shield around their bodies for their
protection. The shield has two parts. The upper part is called
“Carapace” and the lower part is called “Plastron”. These two parts
are joined to their bodies with a structure which is called “Bridge”.
The size of turtles may vary from a few centimeters to 2 meters.
Turtles can live for long years, more than a century and a half ( 150
years). They were also present in the times of dinosaurs, which was
almost 200 million years ago.
Are you interested in turtles and want to learn facts and information
about them? Then just read this book.


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Turtles Parts

There are many parts of the turtle’s body like you have hands, legs
and arms etc. These parts of their body help them to swim, smell, move
and hide if there is any danger.

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Let us now see what the parts of turtle’s body are:
» Head: All the turtles have a head and it is covered by hard scales
» Mouth: I am sure that you will be surprised to know that the
turtles do not have any teeth! They have horny ridges instead of teeth
for cutting food and very strong jaws which they use for capturing and
tearing their prey.

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» Legs and Feet: Turtles and tortoises both have four legs. But the
size of their legs and feet vary and it depends on what kind of turtle
they are.
Tortoises:- They usually have short legs and feet.
Freshwater Turtles: - They usually have longer legs and flat feet
than tortoises.
Sea Turtle: - Their legs and feet of these turtles have developed into
flippers which have helped them to swim better. They are also very fast

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» The Shell: The shell which covers the top part of a turtle’s body is
called “Carapace”. It is made of a hard horny substance which is called
But there are some turtles that don’t have a hard carapace; they have
soft shell which is made of thick skin.
Do you know what is inside the shell?
You must have wondered about what is inside a turtle’s shell! Well,
the backbone, breastbone and the ribs are the part of the inside layer of
the shell. So the turtle cannot remove their shells.
»Tail: All kinds of turtle have tail. It is generally hidden inside the
shell. The male turtle has a longer tail than the female turtles.

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Turtle Defense

A turtle spends a big part of its life on land which mainly depends
on their hard shell which protects them the claws and teeth’s of hungry
animals or any other threats (crocodile, snake, bear, large birds).
What does does turtle do when it feels afraid?
The turtle draws its head, tail and legs into his shell for protection,
when it feels afraid. There are some turtles like a freshwater turtle
(which we will discuss later in this book) can completely go inside their

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