Kittens For Kids Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

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kittens for kids

1. Facts about Kittens
Kitten Facts
Kittens lifespan can be up to 20 years.
To figure out how old your cat is, multiply his years by 4, this will total human years for your kitten or cat.
Kittens need their mothers for six weeks before going to a new home.
Kittens cannot have dry food until they are weaned from their mother's milk.
Kittens become lactose intolerant after being weaned from their mother.
Kittens should not have cow's milk.
Kittens cannot see or hear when they are born.
Kittens are considered kittens until 2 years of age.

kittens for kids amazing animal books

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Adopt a Kitten
If you are thinking about getting a kitten, you really should consider adopting one. There are so many animals that have been abused or neglected that have been sent to the Pet centers and foundations because they had no one to take care of them.
These kittens need a home and a caring person like you to take care of them. Remember when picking out a kitten that you can save a kitten by adopting one instead of buying one.

kittens for kids amazing animal books

Kitten Care
Taking care of a kitten is a huge responsibility. You have to make sure you feed it and teach it to potty in a specific area, most more than likely a litter box.
A lot of people think that you should give kittens lots of milk but cow's milk is very bad for a kitty and can make him sick on his stomach. You need special milk for kitties. You can get some special milk at the pet store to make sure that your kitty stays healthy and well. You also need to bathe your kitty. This can be scary, hard and painful. It is best to put on gloves and grab the kitty at the nape of the neck, like a mommy cat carries him. This prevents him from being able to let his claws out and he can't scratch you.
When bathing your kitty, make sure that you do not get soap in his eyes, so that he has a good experience. This will train him and get him used to baths as he grows up into a cat so that you are safe and he or she isn't scared.

kitten for kids amazing animal books

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Newborn Kittens
Kittens are in their mother's stomach for 64 days before being born. When they first join us here they are very small and their eyes and ears are closed. They find their mama by smelling her scent.
Kittens are said to remain a kitten for 2 years. That is when they mature. They rely totally on their mother to be fed and taken care of.
Make sure that you teach your kittens to be sociable by handling them at a young age. This teaches them that we are safe and it's okay to let us hold them.
Don't be alarmed when you see your cat take the baby by the neck and carry it off somewhere. She is not hurting the baby and she is just taking care of him.

kittens for kids amazing animal books

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White Kittens
White kittens are so pretty and fluffy and cute. A lot of Persian cats are white and so cuddly. When taking care of your little kitty, make sure to teach him how to go potty in a litter box or by letting him outside every hour. Kittens learn really fast to use the letterbox. When you see them sniffing around, just gently and calmly pick your kitty up and put him in the litter box. At first he may jump out, just repeat the first step and put him back in gently. This time, take his paw and scrape it into the sand as if he were digging a hole. Do this each time your kitty sniffs and circles. They will learn very quickly to go to the litter box from now on when he or she needs to potty. 

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kittens for kids



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