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Camels have also been called the cars of the desert, for over one hundred years.

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They might be a funny looking animal that spits and has a hump.
Really camels are just good at adapting to the desert environment where they live

What is a camel?

There are two types of camels; the Bactrian camel and the dromedary camel.


Two Bactrian camels

They spread their weight out between the third and fourth toes; this is the same as deer, pigs, giraffes, sheep, and goats.

Camel's humps are full of fat storage, when they run out of food or water; their body will start using up the stored fat.
They don't sweat, because they need to keep all the water they drink.

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A camel can live for about 50 years.
They have thick eye lashes and also three sets of eyelids, these help keep the sand out of their eyes.

What kinds of camels are there?

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A dromedary camel
The first type of camel is called the dromedary camel; they live in Africa and the Middle East.
Dromedary camels only have one hump.
The second type of camel is the Bactrian camel, which lives in Central Asia.

Bactrian camels are better in the cold, like the mountains where they live.

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Bactrian camels in front of mountains in Mongolia

Where do camels live?
Camels live in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and in zoos all over the World.

They are best adapted to desert, places with little water, so this is where they tend to live.

Bactrian camels have more fur than dromedary camels, so they can handle the colder deserts better.
The ancestor's of the camel were first started in North America, and then they slowly migrated to Africa and Asia, where they live today.

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