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Amazing Animal Books
For Young Readers

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Rabbits are adorable animals that many people keep as pets. They exist both
in the wild and as pets in great numbers; in fact, rabbits are known for having
babies, and lots of them. The reason there are so many rabbits is because they
have so many babies, and with short gaps in between.

The rabbit has been shown as a trickster in many tales throughout the world;
it’s also considered a symbol of life and fertility, particularly in the Christian
tradition. Easter is a time of year that decorations of rabbits are put up, and the
rabbit is celebrated. Along with foxes, they are one of the most popular
animals for folk tales.

Rabbits have long been prey animals, meaning that they are hunted by bigger
predators, such as wolves or foxes. They make up for their fragile build and
health by pure numbers; a lot of rabbits may not make it, but because there are
so many, it doesn’t make a difference. Most rabbits are not endangered.

If you want cute and cuddly, rabbits are almost the cutest pet around. They
also love being petted, like a lot of domestic (tamed) animals. Rabbits make
great pets.

What are rabbits?

Rabbits are members of the order Lagomorpha. This means they are all
lagomorphs; there are other members of this group, including both hares and
pikas. They are mammals, which means that they nurse their young.
rabbit for kids-young reader
A rabbit is not a rodent, though it is often assumed they are. Rodents are
animals such as mice, rats, and capybaras. Lagomorphs were once considered
rodents a couple hundred years ago, but scientists have since determined that
they only have some things in common, rather than being in the same order.

Rabbits are members of the family Leporidae, along with hares. They live on
every continent, except for Antarctica. There are few animals quite as
widespread as the rabbit.

As a domesticated (or tamed) animal, the rabbit has been a pet for quite few
years; before then, however, they were used mostly for food, or they were
hunted by nobility or the rich people of the time. They were also seen as
cheap food by poorer folks.

A male rabbit is called a buck, and a female rabbit is called a doe; a young
rabbit is called a kitten or a kit. Rabbits can also be called bunnies; the name
is usually used to refer to a younger rabbit, however.
A group of rabbits is called a warren.

What do rabbits eat?

Rabbits are herbivores. They don’t eat just grass, but also weeds and other
plants. They have two pairs of incisor (front) teeth, one behind the other. They
use these to chop up leaves and plants.

Some rabbits eat grass, some eat brush, and some eat almost any plant. If you
have a garden, you’d better beware; rabbits are likely to eat up any plants that
aren’t protected. They quite enjoy lettuce and other plants that humans often
grow; it looks like a free buffet to them.
An albino rabbit eating.

They are grazers, and they graze usually eating almost anything for a half an
hour as quickly as they can, and then eating in a pickier manner for the second
half an hour. If they can, rabbits like to eat for a very long time; they will only
do this if there is no threat to them, however.

Rabbits digest their foot in their intestines mostly, especially the large
intestine. The food goes through the stomach and small intestines, but most of
the nutrients (or the useful parts of the food) are absorbed through the large
intestine. They also have a very big large intestine compared to the rest of
their organs.

A diet like a rabbit’s will be high in cellulose. This is something that’s made
in plants, and it’s very hard to digest. So rabbits will sometimes eat some of
their feces to get the nutrients they didn’t get the first time through.
Rabbits can also eat fruits and vegetables; they have been known to enjoy
raisins, bananas, and of course, carrots.

Rabbits and their appearance

Rabbits have long ears, long hind legs, and little paws. They are covered in
fur, and they have huge pupils.
rabbit for kids-young readers
A lop-eared rabbit.
A rabbit can have ears that stick up, small ears (like the amami rabbit), or lop
ears (meaning that they flop over and hang down). A rabbit will typically
have black eyes, and a lot of the wild ones have brown fur. Their eyes are on
the sides of their heads, like most prey animals.

Rabbits can come in many different colors, from black to brown to white.
Some kinds of white rabbits are called albinos; they have pink or red eyes,
and white fur. This type of rabbit has no pigment (color) in it.

They also have five toes on the front paws (with one dewclaw) and four toes
on the back paws. Rabbits also have a little fluff of a tail; in most rabbits, it’s
the same color as their fur.

Rabbits have twenty-eight teeth, which is only four less than humans. Read more..
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