Why Early Reader Children’s Picture Books Are So Important?

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With their lavish and cheerful illustrations and large, colorful prints, it is no surprise why early reader children’s picture books have become a mainstay in a child’s development. Unfortunately, as technology progresses, the picture book industry slowly fades. Children nowadays got their focus and attention on gadgets and other advanced devices than on books. Yes, that is the sad truth. But, as parents, you can always do something. You can push your kids to continue patronizing picture books.

Now, why are these early reader children’s picture books important? We’ll give you answers below:

1. Children’s picture books are simple and easy to understand.

Children’s picture books use sentences and vocabulary that are fairly easy to comprehend. Unlike older level picture books, they are not made using complex words. Their plots are even straightforward.

2. The illustrations and graphics used in children’s picture books help kids understand the story.

When kids are having a hard time reading, the illustrations in these books allow them to analyze and figure out the meaning of the story. These illustrations are so powerful that they are able to help kids learn English, too!

3. These books help kids appreciate art.

Do you know why many kids spend so much time drawing and coloring? It is because they are influenced by what they see in picture books.

4. Children’s picture books make children more imaginative.

These books are multi-sensory, which aids in the growth and development of a child’s mind. That means kids don’t just hear the plot or see interesting visuals, they also touch and smell the pages.

5. These books teach kids the cause and effect relationship.

In most children’s picture books, the words so, because, then, if, as a result, etc., are very common. These types of words introduce kids to the idea of cause and effect. When kids hear them, they’d understand that what they do will always have an impact.

6. Children’s picture books help kids develop a story sense.

As kids browse the pages of these picture books, they learn that a story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. And since every page presents issues and conflicts common among their age, they are able to relate and make their own stories out of it.

7. These books help establish a strong relationship between kids and parents.

With the help of children’s picture books, parents and kids are able to spend time together. They allow a completely different kind of interaction, an interactive one, between a child and a parent.

8. They help children to practice their language.

Early reader children’s picture books let kids practice the basics of their language. The rhyming words and the rhythm used in most children’s picture books help kids learn words easily because they are spoken often.

9. Children’s picture books symbolize fun.

Many kids always look forward to the time when they read picture books. For them, it’s nothing but a fun experience.

10. With the help of these books, kids will love reading.

Picture books play a crucial role in a child’s development. Without these books, they will think of reading as a chore. And if they grow with that kind of thinking in mind, they will soon resent reading.

Now, as a parent, it’s time that you encourage your kids to get their hands on these early reader children’s picture books. It does not matter how long they read. What is important is that they appreciate these books. Eventually, they will grow up and become good readers.

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