Children's Picture Book: What You Should Know

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A children's picture book is still a book. However, it is made for the young audience. This type of book typically uses illustrations than words to tell a story. In general, it has32 pages, but other book genres only have less.

Although a children's picture book is traditionally written for early readers, in the past few years, there has been lots of good picture books published for the upper elementary and middle school audience.

Common Genres and Categories

These days, you can find a lot of picture book genresthat you may often end up drowning in all the possible choices. Because of that, you can easily get confused about which is the best choice for your little one.Thus, to make it easier for you to decide, here are the common genres and categories of children's picture books:


  1. Baby Books

These books are written for the young tots and infants. These could generally be nursery rhymes, lullabies, fingerplays,and wordless books.

  1. Toddler Books

Toddler books are written for kids, ages 1 to 3. The stories are often very simple and familiar to a child. Others even teach the fundamentals of learning, such as shapes, numbers, and colors. On average, they have 12 pages. Their format can be pop-ups, board books, and lift-the-flaps.

  1. Basic Picture Books

These picture books are often called picture story books. Written for the 4 to 8 age group, these books have simple plots with one lead character who embodies the concerns, emotions, and emotional aspect of a child. To tell the story, illustrations are used.

  1. Early Picture Books

The early picture books are designed for children, ages 4 to 8. Like the basic picture books, the stories are simple and the word count is kept under 1000 words. They are sometimes published in the board format to reach out to a wider audience.


  1. Biographies

These books often serve as an introduction to the lives of known and accomplished personalities. Biography picture books are appealing to kids in both elementary and middle schools.

  1. Wordless Picture Books

As the name suggests, wordless picture books don't have words at all. If there are any, they are embedded in a piece of artwork. Even so, they are able to tell a story.

  1. Classics

Have you ever paid a visit to a bookstore? Have you noticed a section for Classic Children's Picture Books? The books in this section are those that have remained popular from generation to generation.

  1. Rhythmic

These books often have the element of music. Lullabies and nursery rhymes belong to this category.

  1. Folklore

Folklores often tell tales that have been handed down through generations. These are sometimes paired with myths and stories that have been in traditions for centuries.

  1. Fantasy

Stories under this category are magical. They showcase intense conflict between good and evil.

  1. Fairytales

Like fantasies, fairytales have the component of magic. However, in this category, the plot talks about princesses and princes fighting for their love.

Finding the Right Children's Picture Book

If you notice, there is no ideal children's picture book. What is right for your early reader may depend on his needs and inspirations. Now, just in case you want to get a picture book for your child, LBug Books is the place to go.

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