Labrador Retrievers Dog Books for Kids

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Labrador Retrievers

Dog Books for Kids

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Early History
Chapter 2 Fascinating Features & Care
Chapter 3 Amazing retriever's facts
Conclusion Man's best friend
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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves

― Josh Billings

Labrador retrievers are warm, fuzzy, lovable companions. They
are also patient and easygoing. And they don’t have a mean streak in
their body! Of course it does not mean a retriever will never, ever, get
upset. It only means getting angry is the exception and not the rule.
Their easygoing nature makes them an ideal pet. And their kind
personality extends beyond the family home. How so? Did you know a
retriever is friendly even to strangers? Yes! Their heart is big enough

for everyone, so if you are getting a dog for the first time, a retriever
may be the perfect pet for you.

Training a Labrador is a breeze and their puppy-like antics will bring
joy to your heart. Even though their goofy acts may last well into
adulthood, don’t ever doubt their eagerness to please you. Their
happiest moments are spending time with you in some type of family
activity. And if your family activity includes water (swimming in the
pool, sea or river), get out of the way, because retrieves LOVE the
water! As a matter of fact, you may have a hard time getting your dog
to leave the water when you do.
But their love for water is not new. Many, many years ago retrievers
were known as a type of “gun dog” or “sporting dog.” Do you know
what this means? To understand, you will have to go way back in
history... to the 17th century. The country is Canada and something
interesting is happening there. Can you guess what it is?
Keep reading and you will find out!

Chapter 1

Newfoundland, Canada
Fishermen are busy catching fish and hauling in their nets after a long
day’s work. They are tired and weary but happy to have help. Can you
guess who’s there working along with them? Is it a Labrador retriever?
No, not just yet. It’s a St. John water dog standing nearby, just waiting
to be of assistance. Who is a St. John water dog? Have you ever heard
the name before?
St. John’s water dog or St. John’s dog was the ancestor of the Labrador
retriever, among other breeds of retrievers. As the name suggests, St.
John’s water dog helped hunters to retrieve game when it fell into the
water. How did it help?

If a fisherman caught fish and it fell back into the water, the St. John
dog would leap to the rescue! And when it was time to pull in the nets,
they helped the fisherman to bring them back to shore. Did they work
for just a few hours? No way! They worked long hours even if it was
all day. These dogs were known as “workaholics.” Do you know what
that word means? A “workaholic” is defined in part as “a person
obsessively addicted to work.” However, in this case it is a dog and not
a person!
And how does this term apply to a Labrador retriever today? Retrievers
love to play, but they love to work too. And sometimes they can extend
themselves a bit too much. So watch your pet. Don’t let him / her get
too overheated. If you do, your pet can get very sick and you don’t
want that to happen!
What is the best thing to do for your dog? Make sure they get sufficient
exercise, but don’t overdo it. Labradors are very active so they require
some degree of exercise each and every day. This means indoors is not
the best place for the dog, so you will need to go outside. Then you pet
can run around to their heart’s delight!

Working hard - Labrador retriever fetching a dummy

A dog by any other name...

Remember, your Labrador is a retriever so their primary goal is to
‘retrieve’ things. So you may find your dog frequently carrying around
things from one place to another. They can swallow it too, so just keep
an eye on them when they have something in their mouths!

Taking care of this part of your dog’s personality is very important.
Why? Labradors have been known to swallow objects which obstruct
their intestines. So be careful and help your dog to be careful too. If
you are not sure how to do that, don’t worry. I will explain further
down how you can train your Labrador to be obedient. This doesn’t
mean it will always listen to you, but the right training can go a long

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