The GIANT Book on Polar Animals  For Kids-Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

The GIANT Book on Polar Animals For Kids-Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

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The GIANT Book on Polar Animals  For Kids-Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents 3
Introduction 7
Penguins 8
About Penguins 10
Penguins’ Feathers 14
How Penguins Hunt For Food 16
Why Preening is Important 18
Caring For Their Young 20
Penguin Groups 24
Emperor Penguins – Aptenodytes Group 29
King Penguin – Aptenodytes Group 31
Gentoo Penguins – Pygoscelis Group 33
Adelie Penguin – Pygoscelis Group 35
Chinstrap Penguins – Pygoscelis Group 36
Rockhopper – Eudyptes Group 38
Erect Crested Penguins – Eudyptes Group 41
Fiordland Penguins – Eudyptes Group 43
Macaroni Penguins – Eudyptes Group 45
Royal Penguin – Eudyptes Group 47
Snares – Eudyptes Group 49
Humboldt Penguins – Spheniscus Group 51
African Penguins – Spheniscus Group 53
Magellanic Penguins – Spheniscus Group 55
Galápagos Penguins – Spheniscus Group 57
Yellow-eyed Penguin – Megadyptes Group 59

The GIANT Book on Polar Animals For KidsPage 4
Penguin – Eudyptula Group 61
Fun Facts about Penguins 63
Polar Bears 66
About Polar Bears 67
Polar Bears 69
What Polar Bears Do 72
How Polar Bears Communicate 75
Baby Polar Bears 77
Polar Bear Facts 79
Where to Polar Bears Live 81
Arctic Polar Bears 83
Why are the Polar Bears Endangered 85
What Polar Bears Eat 87
Habitat of Polar Bears 90
Other Names for Polar Bears 92
Puffins 96
What is a puffin? 97
What kinds of puffins are there? 101
The history of puffins and humans 103
Atlantic puffin 106
Tufted puffin 111
Horned puffin 114
Rhinoceros auklet 116
A little more about puffins 118
Seals 119
What is a seal? 120

The GIANT Book on Polar Animals For KidsPage 5
What kinds of seals are there? 124
Where did seals come from? 126
The history of seals and humans 128
Walruses 131
Elephant Seals 135
Sea lions 138
Fur Seals 140
A little more on seals 142
Walruses 143
Information on Walruses 144
Information on Walruses 144
Facts about Walruses 147
Pacific Walruses 150
Pacific Walruses 150
Arctic Walruses 152
Baby Walruses 153
How Walruses Communicate 155
Walruses’ Habitat 157
Walruses’ Diet 158
Where Do Walruses Come From? 160
Seals and Walruses 163
Life in the Herd 165
Walrus Features 167
Walruses and Humans 169
Migration 172
Living in Cold Water 174

The GIANT Book on Polar Animals For KidsPage 6
Walruses Are Endangered 176
Conclusion 178


The poles can be found on the very top of the Earth and on the very

The coldest temperatures on Earth are recorded here, the coldest ever
being -129.3°F (-89.6°C)!

Over 70% of all the fresh water on Earth is frozen in Antarctic.

Since these places are so cold and harsh the animals that live there
have had to make some adaptations in order to survive. Let's read
about some of these amazing animals.