Suffolk-Punch “The Gentle Giant”  For Kids-Nature Books for Kids

Suffolk-Punch “The Gentle Giant” For Kids-Nature Books for Kids

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Suffolk-Punch “The Gentle Giant”  For Kids-Nature Books for Kids

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Gentle Giant
Chapter 2 An Amazing Horse
Chapter 3 A Few Suffolk Punch Facts
Conclusion Nature's Great Wonders
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“Majestic. Calm temperament. Hard worker.

Beautiful. Energetic. Willing to serve.”

The Suffolk Punch is an amazing horse with kind eyes and a willing
spirit. However, unlike other horses, it is not well known. Have you
ever heard of the Suffolk Punch before? Maybe not!
This beautiful horse goes by many names like Suffolk Horse and
Suffolk Sorrel. As a draft horse, they are tall, strong, and have a
beautiful Chestnut coat. But the spelling of the color is different than
you might think. Instead of Chestnut, it is spelled CHESNUT with a
missing letter T. So, the color is Chesnut and not chestnut!