Spinosaurus The Spine Reptile-Dinosaur Books For Young Readers

Spinosaurus The Spine Reptile-Dinosaur Books For Young Readers

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Spinosaurus The Spine Reptile-Dinosaur Books For Young Readers

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Table of Contents

Introduction 5
Chapter 1: Appearance 9
Chapter 2: Behavior 13
Chapter 3: Environment 16
Conclusion 20
Author Bio 21
Bonus Dinosaur Content 22
Introduction to Dinosaurs 23
Facts about Dinosaurs 25
Dinosaur Extinction 28
Dinosaur Fossils 30
Dinosaur Eggs 31
Dinosaur Names 32
Dinosaur Diet 37
Feathered Dinosaurs 39
Plant Eating Dinosaurs 40
The Weirdest Dinosaurs 42
The Deadliest Dinosaurs 44
Flying Dinosaurs 46
Kinds of Dinosaurs 49
The Biggest Dinosaurs 52
The Smallest Dinosaurs 54

Author Bio 55
Publisher 56

Greetings young reader! Today we are going to take a step back in time
and enter the age of the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are an extinct species
of animal that began to live on the Earth over 200 million years ago.
“Extinct” means that they no longer exist. The dinosaurs are some of
the most intriguing and awe-inspiring animals that have existed on our
planet. The dinosaurs’ colossal size, strange characteristics, and
mysterious disappearance make them inherently worthy of study and
interest. Even more than these reasons, the study of dinosaurs itself is
an incredible adventure which requires thought and imagination. The
study of dinosaurs helps you to appreciate just how mysterious and
amazing life and nature really is. Our planet supports not only us and
the animals that live today, but it even supported creatures as gigantic
and strange as the dinosaurs- just think how cool that is! I hope that you
bring a spirit of openness and wonder to your study of the dinosaurs,
and that you come to appreciate the mystery and value of the dinosaurs.