Shires  “The great Horse”  For Kids-Nature Books for Kids

Shires “The great Horse” For Kids-Nature Books for Kids

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Shires  “The great Horse”  For Kids-Nature Books for Kids

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Great Horse
Chapter 2 An Amazing Animal
Chapter 3 A Few Shire Facts
Conclusion Nature's Great Wonders
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By Carolyn Wells

The High Horse often takes a foremost place
Among the winners of the human race.
They say one needs both brawn and brain to ride him,
And even then 'tis very hard to guide him.
His jockeys gaily prance and boldly scoff,
But soon or late they're sure to tumble off.


Shire: Shires are called the “gentle giants” of the horse world. They
are calm, patient, loving and willing to serve. These horses are part of
the “draught” or “draft” horse breed. Do you remember what a “draft”
horse is?