Rottweilers-Dog Books for Kids

Rottweilers-Dog Books for Kids

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Rottweilers-Dog Books for Kids

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Early History
Chapter 2 Fascinating Features & Care
Chapter 3 Amazing Rottweiler facts
Conclusion A Family's best friend
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“No matter how little money and how few possessions you own,

having a dog makes you rich.”

― Louis Sabin

Rottweilers are powerful dogs from a long history of domestic dogs,
also known as butchers dogs. Strong, courageous and intelligent,

Rottweilers Page 5
Rottweilers are versatile and faithful dogs. They have outstanding
characteristics and are devoted to their family.

Butchers dogs were used to herd livestock in Germany. Do you know
why the name “butcher” was used? The carts were full of “butchered”
meat and other products to sell. So, when the dogs pulled the carts they
were called “butchers” dogs.