Ponies  “Little ‘Equines’ With Lots of Heart”  For Kids-Nature Books for Kids

Ponies “Little ‘Equines’ With Lots of Heart” For Kids-Nature Books for Kids

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Ponies  “Little ‘Equines’ With Lots of Heart”  For Kids-Nature Books for Kids

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Great Ponies
Chapter 2 Amazing Creatures
Chapter 3 Pony Fun Facts!
Conclusion Nature's Amazing Wonders
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A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much

you care ~ Pat Parelli

Ponies: Ponies are beautiful little equines with big hearts! The name
Pony comes from a French word that means: foal. Do you remember
what a foal is?


When a horse is born until 6 months of age it’s called a foal.
But this does not mean a Pony is only a Pony until they are 6 months
old! Why? Well, other horses grow up and get different names like:
Yearling, Colt, Stallion, Filly, Gelding and Mare. But not a Pony. No
matter how old a Pony gets, it will still be a Pony!
Ponies are smart and friendly and some of them can be a little hard to
handle. But not all of them are like that! Only some. Most Ponies are
great for small children to ride, if they are trained in the right way.