Penguins For Kids-  Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

Penguins For Kids- Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

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Penguins For Kids-  Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1. About Penguins
Chapter 2. Penguins' Feathers
Chapter 3. How Penguins Hunt For Food
Chapter 4. Why Preening is Important
Chapter 5. Caring For Their Young
Chapter 6. Penguin Groups
Chapter 7. Emperor Penguins – Aptenodytes Group
Chapter 8. King Penguin – Aptenodytes Group
Chapter 9. Gentoo Penguins – Pygoscelis Group
Chapter 10. Adelie Penguin – Pygoscelis Group
Chapter 11. Chinstrap Penguins – Pygoscelis Group
Chapter 12. Rockhopper – Eudyptes Group
Chapter 13. Erect Crested Penguins – Eudyptes Group
Chapter 14. Fiordland Penguins – Eudyptes Group
Chapter 15. Macaroni Penguins – Eudyptes Group
Chapter 16. Royal Penguin – Eudyptes Group
Chapter 17. Snares – Eudyptes Group
Chapter 18. Humboldt Penguins – Spheniscus Group
Chapter 19. African Penguins – Spheniscus Group
Chapter 20. Magellanic Penguins – Spheniscus Group
Chapter 21. Galápagos Penguins – Spheniscus Group
Chapter 22. Yellow-eyed Penguin – Megadyptes Group
Chapter 23. Little Penguin – Eudyptula Group
Chapter 24. Fun Facts About Penguins


Penguins are very interesting creatures to get to know! Did you
know that they go tobogganing too? Do you think that all
penguins are black and white in color? If you think the answer is
“yes”, then you might want to re-think that answer. Did you know
that some penguins do not just live in the coldest of climates, or
that not all penguins waddle when they walk?
Do you know that some penguins could weigh nearly 100 lbs.
(45 kg), while other penguins weigh in at just over 2 lbs. (.9 kg)?
Some penguins lay just one egg, and they keep the egg warm by
holding it on top of their feet! Do you know which penguins they
are? Other groups of penguins lay two eggs, but only one egg will
hatch. Do you know the names of those penguins? Were you
aware that some penguins have black spots on their chests, and that
these spots are different from penguin to penguin? There are so
many interesting things to learn about these non-flying birds!