Octopuses For Kids  Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

Octopuses For Kids Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

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Octopuses For Kids  Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

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Table of Contents

Introduction 4
What are octopuses? 5
How do octopuses live? 8
What do octopuses eat? 11
Where do octopuses live? 13
Cirrina versus Incirrina 15
Blue-ringed octopuses 18
Common octopus 20
Mimic octopus 23
Giant Pacific octopus 27
Conclusion 28
Author Bio 30
Publisher 31



The octopus has long fascinated the human mind. They and their
relatives are called 'cephalopods' which literally means 'head-foot' in
Ancient Greek. The octopus has appeared on several vases and other
items in Ancient Greek artifacts.

The Ainu people (who are a minority in Japan) have a great octopus ,
called Akkorokamui, which is said to be bright red and possibly
glowing. This creature has been made a minor god in Shintoism, and is
worshiped by some Japanese people.

A more modern octopus was an octopus named Paul. People believed
he could predict soccer tournaments, and he was highly prized. He died
a little while back.

Lastly, the Hawaiian people's creation myth involves the octopus: they
say that the world has been remade several times, and since the last
time, only the octopus survived from the old world, an alien among
newer creations.

The octopus inspires interest wherever it is. Soon, you will see why this
creature is so amazing.