Komodo Dragons For Kids - Amazing Animal Books for Young  Readers

Komodo Dragons For Kids - Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

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Komodo Dragons For Kids - Amazing Animal Books for Young  Readers

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Table of Contents
1. Komodo Dragon Facts
2. What is a Komodo Dragon?
3. What Do Komodo Dragons Look Like?
4. Where Do Komodo Dragons Live?
5. The Komodo Dragon Home
6. The Komodo Dragons Senses.
7. What Do Komodo Dragons Eat?
8. What Eats the Komodo Dragon?
9. The Komodo Dragon Family
10. Komodo Dragons in Captivity
11. Why are Komodo Dragons Vulnerable?
12. When Komodo Dragons Attack
13. Can I keep a Komodo Dragon as a Pet?

Komodo Dragon Facts
 Komodo dragons are also known as Varanus Komodoensis, komodo
monitor, the komodo island monitor,blawak rakasa (this means giant
monitor) or ora buaya darat (this means land crocodile)
 Komodo dragons are large lizards.
 Lizards are a type of animal called a reptile.
 Komodo dragons do not breathe fire like the dragons in story books.
 They are the largest living species of lizard.

 They were officially discovered by western scientists in 1910.
 They are classified as vulnerable which means that they are at risk of
 The biggest ever recorded komodo dragon in the wild was 10ft long (
3.13 meters) and weighed 370 lb (166 kg)
 Their size has been called island gigantism by scientists. Many believe
that the komodo dragon has become so big because there are no other
predators where they live and they have their pick of prey.