Hampsters  For Kids- Amazing Animal Books for  Young Readers

Hampsters For Kids- Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

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Hampsters  For Kids- Amazing Animal Books for  Young Readers

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Table of Contents

Hamsters for Kids Page 3
Facts about Hamsters 4
How Hamsters Communicate 6
Hamsters as Pets 8
Hamster Care 10
Hamster Health 13
Hamster Food 15
Hamster Balls 17
Hamster Cages 19
Types of Hamsters 21
Dwarf Hamsters 23
Russian Dwarf Hamster 25
Syrian Hamsters 27
Teddy Bear Hamsters 29
Winter White Hamsters 31
Read More Amazing Animal Books 33
Publisher 39

Facts about Hamsters

Hamsters are fuzzy little creatures that are easy to care for.
There are many fun facts about hamsters. There are over 25
different hamsters in the world but only five can be kept as
pets. The biggest hamster is 34cm or 12 inches long and the
smallest hamster is about 51/2 cm or 2 inches long. Hamsters
are easy to take care of. The oldest hamsters live up to four
years old. They can live for two, three or four years.