Golden Retrievers-Dog Books for Kids

Golden Retrievers-Dog Books for Kids

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Golden Retrievers-Dog Books for Kids

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Early History
Chapter 2 Fascinating Features & Care
Chapter 3 Amazing Golden Retriever facts
Conclusion A Family's best friend
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"A dog is man's best friend, and vice versa."


Golden Retrievers are considered ‘the perfect family pet.’ They are
charming, warm, tolerant, versatile, intelligent, and very friendly. As a
large size dog breed, they were originally bred as gun dogs and used
during hunting to help “retrieve” game like ducks and waterfowl.
As the name indicates, “retrievers” were used to “retrieve” things, but
their athletic skills go beyond hunting. For one thing, Retrievers love
the water. It is almost instinctive to them and they will not hesitate to
get wet.
They thrive on activities that give them something to do. It can be a
nice game of fetch, some fun at the beach, running around the yard, or
racing across an open field.
Although bred as a part of working dog, Golden retrievers are one of
the top ten most popular dog breeds today. They are also well known

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for their participation in conformation shows. Their versatile nature
extends beyond dog shows and into the home.