Flamingos For Kids  Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

Flamingos For Kids Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

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Flamingos For Kids  Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

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Table of Contents

Introduction 4
Chapter 1 6
A wading bird 6
How to they eat? 7
What do they eat? 7
Why are Flamingos pink? 7
A General Non-Migratory Bird 8
Safety in numbers 9
Predators 9
Habitat 10
Chapter 2 12
Chapter 3 16
What’s the purpose of such an elaborate courtship? 18
Conclusion 20
Other facts you may not know: 22
In conclusion: 23
Author Bio 24



Pretty in Pink!

Have you ever thought of a bird in such a way? Flamingos are beautiful
birds with a dazzling display of pink feathers. Of course pink is not the
only color of the Flamingos plumes. The colors can range from red to
orange, white and even blue, depending on what they eat!
Flamingos live a very social life. They love to have friends and family
all around, but not just one or two. Their colony can have hundreds,
thousands, even tens of thousands at one time. An East African colony
is famous for having more than one million members. Imagine how
noisy it can get if they all squawk or honk at once!
Do you know how old Flamingos are? How long they have existed?
The Smithsonian National Zoo says their ancestry goes back for 30
million years, even more! So they are very ancient birds, and one of the
oldest species known to humanity.

Flamingos for Kids Page 5
Happily Flamingos are mostly calm, cool and collected. They love to
stretch their long legs and ‘wade’ along the shore looking for food to
eat. Sometimes they dine on shrimp, specifically brine-shrimp which
contributes to their exotic pink tone.