Elephants For Kids  Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

Elephants For Kids Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

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Elephants For Kids  Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 About Elephants
Chapter 2 The Evolution of Elephants
Chapter 3 Elephant Features
Chapter 4 Where Elephants Live
Chapter 5 How Elephants Eat
Chapter 6 How Elephants Communicate
Chapter 7 Life In The Herd
Chapter 8 African Elephants
Chapter 9 Asian Elephants
Chapter 10 Fun Elephant Facts
Chapter 11 Elephant Pictures



The world of elephants is a fascinating place! There is so much
we can learn about them, and yet there are still mysteries about
them waiting to be revealed. There may be stories you have heard
about elephants. Now the question is, ”Are those stores fact or
fiction? Are they true or false?”
One bit of information you may have heard is that elephants
have a good memory. That is very true! It is so true, that it is

believed that elephants have a better memory than humans do.
Elephants can remember other elephants that they may not have
seen in years. They can also remember being treated unkindly by
someone even though many years may have passed.
Another story that is often thought about with elephants is, “Are
they afraid of mice?” You might have heard that elephants fear
mice because they can run up the elephant’s trunk. But the answer
here is that this story is not true, and there is no proof of any kind
to support this.