Eagles For Kids  Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

Eagles For Kids Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

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Eagles For Kids  Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

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Table of Contents

Introduction 4
Habitat 6
Hunting and Diet 8
Lifestyle and Mating 11
Some Popular Eagle Species 13
Bald Eagles 13
Golden Eagle 14
Crowned Eagle 15
White-tailed Eagle 16
Fun Facts About Eagles 18
Conclusion 20
Author Bio 22


Eagles are some of the largest birds of prey around – second only to
vultures in terms of size – and are the ultimate apex predator of the
avian (bird) kingdom. Feared by animals on land, sea, and even in the
skies, eagles have developed a reputation for being one of the most
lethal – and sometimes downright vicious – of wildlife species.

When most people think of eagles, they probably think of large fierce-
looking birds with sharp elongated claws tearing apart some poor
unfortunate rodent – and, unlike other wild animal stereotypes – it's
actually pretty accurate. Eagles roam the skies high above most
everything else and use their excellent vision to spot unassuming prey
on the ground (or maybe in water – some species like to go fishing too).

Eagles For Kids Page 5
Speaking of species, there are roughly sixty recognized eagle species
(collectively known as the Accipitridae family) world-wide and they
can be found on all the continents except Antarctica. The vast majority
of them come from Europe, Asia, and Africa - but their worldwide
presence has landed them on the coat of arms of many countries across
the globe including Mexico in Central America, Egypt in Africa, and
Germany, Poland, and Austria in Europe.