Dogs & Cats For Kids 2 Books

Dogs & Cats For Kids 2 Books

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Dogs & Cats For Kids 2 Books

Table of Contents
Dogs 4
Introduction 6
About Dogs 8
Behavior 10
Senses 11
Dachshund 13
Rottweiler 15
Poodle 17
Boxer 19
Yorkshire Terrier 21
Bulldog 23
Beagle 25
Golden Retriever 27
German Shepherd 29
Labrador Retriever 31
Cats 33
Introduction 35
Chapter 1 39
How does a cat’s life begin? 40
What do kittens eat and why? 40
Early development 41
Best time to get a new cat? 44
Chapter 2 46
Fascinating Cat Species 47
Balinese: 47
Chartreux: 48
Egyptian Mau: 50
Chapter 3 - A Cat’s History 52
A Cat’s Life 54
Fascinating Features 56
Conclusion 58
Author Bio 60

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What would you like to receive as a Christmas present? A toy?
Book? That does not sound bad. But how do you like to have
something lively, adorable and playful? All in a single package. Yes,
you guessed it right. The dog – A man’s best friend.
Had a bad day? Feeling low? Then its time to have a dog. There is
nothing more comforting than the feeling of someone anticipating
your return from work. That friendly bark, affectionate lick and the
deep imploring eyes as if understanding all what you mean are some
comforts no other animal could provide except for a dog, of course.