Dilophosaurus The Two-Crested Dinosaur-Dinosaur Books For Young Readers

Dilophosaurus The Two-Crested Dinosaur-Dinosaur Books For Young Readers

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Dilophosaurus The Two-Crested Dinosaur-Dinosaur Books For Young Readers

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Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Chapter 1: Appearance 6
Chapter 2: Behavior 10
Chapter 3: Environment 12
Conclusion 16
Author Bio 17
Bonus Dinosaur Content 18
Introduction to Dinosaurs 19
Facts about Dinosaurs 21
Dinosaur Extinction 24
Dinosaur Fossils 26
Dinosaur Eggs 27
Dinosaur Names 28
Dinosaur Diet 33
Feathered Dinosaurs 35
Plant Eating Dinosaurs 36
The Weirdest Dinosaurs 38
The Deadliest Dinosaurs 40
Flying Dinosaurs 42
Kinds of Dinosaurs 45
The Biggest Dinosaurs 48
The Smallest Dinosaurs 50
Author Bio 51
Publisher 52

Hello young reader! Today we are going to go back in time to the age
of the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are an extinct species of animal that
lived on the planet Earth millions of years ago. Extinct means that they
no longer exist. They are some of the most intriguing, mysterious, and
wonderful creatures to have existed on our planet. We are going to pay
attention to one particular dinosaur in this book: the Dilophosaurus.
The Dilophosaurus is an interesting dinosaur because of its strange
appearance; it has two crests on top of its head. We are going to talk
about not only the crests though, but about how it might have looked
and acted and where it lived and what dinosaurs it lived with.
It is important that we talk about why we should even be talking about
the dinosaurs- they are extinct after all. This, though, is a silly question!
It is like asking why you should like rose bushes, fresh breezes, or
anything else that isn’t useful. Dinosaurs are inherently worthy of
appreciation, just like rose bushes and fresh breezes. The study of
dinosaurs also helps you to appreciate just how mysterious and
amazing our planet is! Just think how cool it is that this planet could
support life-forms as different as dinosaurs and human beings! The
point is that one should approach the study of dinosaurs with a sense of
wonder and openness, because dinosaurs are incredible creatures.