Lizards For Kids-  Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

Lizards For Kids- Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

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Lizards For Kids-  Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

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Table of Contents

Introduction 4
What is a lizard? 5
What kinds of lizards are there? 7
Where do lizards live? 9
The history of lizards and humans 10
What is a gecko? 12
What is a Komodo dragon? 14
What is an iguana? 17
What is a horny toad? 20
Why aren't frogs, toads, alligators, and crocodiles lizards? 22
Conclusion 24
Author Bio 25
Publisher 26

Lizards are the favorite creepy-crawly of many children throughout the
world. In some areas, they are as easy to find as rocks. Some people
even keep them as pets!
Lizard is a very broad term that covers many reptiles, hundreds of
kinds, and there are still lizards within rainforests that have yet to be
discovered. Whether you're interested in creeping out other people, or
just in love with the animal, lizards are interesting to learn about.
From the ones that shoot blood out of their eyes to the ones that blend

in with their surroundings, from the large to the small, from the sticky-
footed to the claw-footed, lizards fascinate the world over.