Carnataurus The Horned Predator-Dinosaur Books For Young Readers

Carnataurus The Horned Predator-Dinosaur Books For Young Readers

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Carnataurus The Horned Predator-Dinosaur Books For Young Readers

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Table of Contents
Introduction 5
Chapter 1: Appearance 7
Chapter 2: Behavior 12
Chapter 3: Where and When 15
Conclusion 19
Author Bio 20
Bonus Dinosaur Content 21
Introduction to Dinosaurs 22
Facts about Dinosaurs 24
Dinosaur Extinction 27
Dinosaur Fossils 29
Dinosaur Eggs 30
Dinosaur Names 31
Dinosaur Diet 36
Feathered Dinosaurs 38
Plant Eating Dinosaurs 39
The Weirdest Dinosaurs 41
The Deadliest Dinosaurs 43
Flying Dinosaurs 45
Kinds of Dinosaurs 48
The Biggest Dinosaurs 51
The Smallest Dinosaurs 53
Author Bio 54
Publisher 55

We are going to go on a journey back to the age of the dinosaurs to
check out one of the strangest dinosaurs to ever have existed. That
dinosaur is the Carnotaurus. The Carnotaurus is called a Carnotaur for
short. The Carnotaurus was a strange creature because of the peculiar
horns which grew from the top of its head and because of the many
distinct characteristics is possesses that other similar dinosaurs did not
have. For instance the Carnotaur was a lightly built predator whereas
the t-rex was a large, bulking and heavy set predator even though both
predators have tiny arms and walked on two legs.

We are going to check out the reasons why the Carnotaur had the horns
it had and we are going to check out all of its other nifty characteristics.
It should be noted though that to appreciate dinosaurs properly, it takes
more than just fossils and facts. One really has to have genuine wonder
and interest in what the dinosaurs were- and this takes a bit of
imagination. One really needs to understand that the dinosaurs were
amazing creatures which came in all shapes and sizes and which really
probably never exist again. That means we have to make images in our
mind about how the dinosaurs looked, how they acted, and even how
they smelled and what they sounded like. When you really imagine
what the dinosaurs were you start to experience wonder and awe about
just how mysterious and cool nature and earth really are. Now let’s take
a step back in time and walk with the dinosaurs!