Ducks For Kids  Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

Ducks For Kids Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

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Ducks-For Kids-Amazing Animal Books-For Young Readers

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Table of Contents

What are ducks?
What do ducks look like?
Ducks and what they eat
How ducks act
Ducks and humans
Muscovy ducks
Ring-necked ducks
Mandarin ducks
Pink-eared ducks
Hottentot teals
Author Bio

Ducks live all over the world, except in Antarctica. They are animals
that humans enjoy feeding, raising, and watching.

The duck is an animal that shows up in cartoons as a wacky character;
ducks amuse us, with their quacking and their waddling. But did you
know that not all ducks quack? Ducks are present in many different

From Hans Christian Anderson’s Ugly Duckling to the modern tale of
Ping, the duck has been kept in our attention for centuries.

From the Mandarin duck in Asia to the Mallard in America, we have a
lot of feathered friends to get to know. Ducks can be a lot more
interesting than you would think; from what they eat to how they
sound, ducks are different all over the world.